Michalis Achilas

Michael Achilas

Michael Achilas was one of the musicians who came from Smyrna, carrying with him the musical idiom of the region.

Born in 1900 in Ak (chemical) Shar Asia Minor. At a young age he learned music from cannon of its kind in Asia Minor.
Michael Achilas first settled in Macedonia (specifically in Komotini) and then in Volos and worked as a musician, not only because he loved the music, but also for financial reasons.

Significant was his collaborations with notable names of the era such as: Roza Eskenazi, Costas Roukounas, Rita Abatzi, Salonikios Dimitris Sorovolas and worked in cities such as Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa and Komotini.

He died in 1974, leaving the cannon to his son, Panagiotis Achilas. Achilas Michael was the one who introduced me to his son Panagiotis Achilas in music.


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