Panagiotis Achilas

Panagiotis Achilas

Panagiotis Achilas born in Komotini, on 16 June 1928. He came from Asia Minor, and lived and died in Nea Ionia, Volos in the early 1990's. He was one of the representatives of the musical tradition of the "lost Greek homelands" and was aware of European and oriental music.

Panagiotis Achilas had contact through correspondence with Nikos Stefanidis regarding maqams and kanun.

He had worked with, Domna Samiou and Koros (Violin). While at the local level in the area of Volos, the Saltadima.

By Panayiotis Achilas initiative founded in 1987 by the School of Greek Folk Music was a collaboration of the Municipality of Nea Ionia, Volos with the club in the region of Asia Minor. The aim of the founders of the school was the dissemination of musical heritage, particularly, the lost Greeks of Asia Minor. For this purpose the free school operated so as to provide incentives for both possible wider public response to this effort. The teacher Panagiotis Achilas contributed to the rescue of traditional musical instruments (oud, kanun, tamboura) that season in Nea Ionia, Volos.



A handsome man

Panagiotis Achilas met him at an early age, early 70s when we went in the summer holidays at the family of my father in Constantinople Street, N. Ionia of Volos.

Brotherly friends and peers with my father, separated temporarily with fefgio to Athens. The stone was years since I forced my parents in 1962 to become migrants by force, because it was "trees" but flowers, tried to Marana closing the Poppy legendary ouzeri maintained in N. Ionia. Their relationship was strong and the distance was not able to separate them. Specially for concerts in Athens and organized during the celebrations memorable especially when Panagiotis Sun in the late 70s he moved to Volos up in a beautiful location. I remember something nighters with the tape recorder at hand we expect the nightingales begin to jabber to the record. Unforgettable moments!

Kyr Panagiotis '70 lived Meander Street in Nea Ionia, a refugee house that had a nice courtyard with a large fig tree that did wonderful figs. I remember the frequent visits there, frozen figs and sweet preserves tratarize with the cheerful countenance of the Lady Mary, his wife. Then still lived Uncle Michael, the father of Mr. Panagiotis great man and a great virtuoso qanun. Along with Nick Stefanidis from Nea Ionia Athens-were-friends and corresponded and Lambros Savvaidis from Thessaloniki, made history for decades in the music tradition.

In the courtyard there was a door in empaze the magical world. It was the back door of the'' department'' of Mr. Panagiotis. In front was a photographer with an office right to receive the film came to show and left a living room for friends, not ever missing, and those who wanted to make a family or individual photos. Kyr Panagiotis was the photo artist. The front and back separated by a heavy maroon curtain. In the background had shaped the studio and just behind the curtain was a barber chair and a mirror for a haircut and shave, another profession that did MERAKLIDIKO.

Just beyond a chair permanently Enthroned had the pride, the kanun, always ready for either his music or endoscopy for the sake of the party. Opposite was an old radio (from what we had in front of world cities) permanently open to the shortwave frequency tuned to a station that plays oriental music and songs.

Adjacent to the cassette tapes with hundreds of file. Often was recording emissions from the rocks, but also own the playing solitary or pareistika. This great artist with western education (completed with distinction the upper school violin) captured the culture and the colorful world of kilometers tape.

And the love of oriental music and kanun (he was self-taught) joined in the creative, the two worlds away ... With these instruments did what he wanted was an orchestra alone! He played the Greek tradition, oriental, Russian folk songs, classical music and jazz. Kyr Panagiotis did not speak with your mouth but with the fingers and soul. It was a real experience to listen to him! Playing in a traveling ... We are dealing with a cosmopolitan artist who knew and loved the world without traveling, but only with his musical vehicle.

The scream uncle and there was a mutual sympathy from the beginning of our acquaintance. I was a good listener of the measured ratios that taught morals, and his exuberant playing with magnetized immediately though I was young. He perceive my interest and liked. At each visit to take in the interior and began with the cannon of music tracks .... She had to tell him how it imparts a calm that astonish. I remember while playing the game that we had, I can tease the chords and he can scratch my hands with rings worn on the fingers for playing the kanun.

Kyr Panagiotis unless accomplished artist was a consistent personality, gentle man who was happy with the joys and sorrows sorry to the people. He wanted to see the place to prosper and culture to flourish, he considered a prerequisite to go ahead our country. He loved young people and help them with the knowledge.

His eldest ntalkas were getting our music tradition the place it belongs, not as a museum piece but of the heart of men. He dreamed of the regeneration of traditional sounds to contemporary conditions. Premature, however fefgio on January 8, 1991 did not let him see major artists to practice it in the 90s.

My acquaintance with the Sun Panagiotis made me love not only the music but also the workers of art musicians, people who have filed their soul into everything nice listen.

Excerpt from the book
Dimitris Theologos The blame of songs, Metronome, 2011.

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