Vasilis Sachinidis

Vassilis Sachinidis born in 1905 in Caesarea Kapadokias.

He came to Greece in 1922 and moved to Athens in Ambelokipi.

He married Eleutheria Moyssiadou  and had 3 children together. Evangelia, James and Despina.
Vassilis Sachinidis  was self-taught in kanun, he devotes many hours a day studying and composing, while working as a plumber.
He played in festivals taking place all over Greece, while collaborating with Manisali, Toumpouli, Roza Eskenazi many Turks virtuosos.
Had been active in the music of the interwar era and later.
Early of 70s participated in broadcasts of ERT "Traditional dances and songs" that run every Sunday morning.

Vassilis Sachinidis, died in 1976 at age 70.




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