Vassilios Nonis

Born in Portocheli Argolis. The elementary school was over Kimi Evia, while the High School of Chios, near the Metropolitan Panteleimon Engineering Fostini. From small kanonarchis sang as the Cathedral of Chios. After high school enrolled at the Greek Conservatory of Athens School of Music of Simon Karas. He was a student of Th.Chatzitheodorou, S.Kara N.Stefanidi and the Psalter (Cannon).
Died on August 1, 2010 from cardiac arrest at 71 years old.
Titles of Musical Studies.
 From the National School of Music in S. Kara, where he studied at eikosaetian did not take music title, but the perfect training to Greek music from the wise teacher.
From the Greek Conservatory received:
a) Diploma in Byzantine Music
b) Diploma in Singing
c) Diploma in Byzantine Music maestro
d) Degree Harmony.
 As the cantor choir Vas.Nonis ran from 1970, composed of students and sang in I.Naous: Ag.Foteinis Ilissos (1962), Virgin Mary Polygon (1966), Virgin Mary N. PHILADELPHIA (1986), St. George Dionysus (1990), where chants today.
   Sang also at fairs I.Naon, Piraeus, Argolida, Tripoli, Messinia, Messolonghi, Chios, Paros, Mantinea, Kynouria, Karditsa, Edessa, Karystos, Skyros, Fthiotidos, Heraklion, Crete, Attica, Agrinion, Ioannina and Megara. He worked closely with Mr. Cantor Archon Thr. Stanitsas.
Teaching Byzantine music.
 After completion of his studies, he taught for four years in the National Music School with director Sim.Kara. Later he directed the School of Music Foundation P.Zisi Halandri Attica.
   Since 1980 he teaches at the Conservatory N.Skalkotas in Athens, home, Theory, Composition, Spelling, and Kalophony priest. It also teaches the Greek Psalter body (Cannon), folk songs and instrumental Byzantine.
Radio - Television
  Radio appeared in 1970 as partner and Music Player of the Psalter. The first band was: N.Stefanidis - oud, Vas.Nonis - kanun, Ant.Tsochos - violin, Tassos Halkias - clarinet, Stavros Hadrian - lute, Anna Mani-Song.
   Later presented festive and seasonal music programs from the first program of ERT, and became a permanent partner of the second program over ten years. Conducted emissions "Greek East" and "A boat MES 'memory' of its own production and execution. Worked in co-production with Chr.Chalari Roz.Lada emissions and "Café Music", "a story about the Greek music" and "Ancient Music".
Also took part in a series of Byzantine Music emissions with Lyk.Angelopoulo, and Fevr.Revynthi G.Papadaki.
In the Third Schedule of ERT, Byzantine Classical Music presented by the wards Gkai E in direct transmission, and works as "Glory to God in the highest", I. Koukouzelis, instrumental grip, Greek Easter, songs of May and Spring.
On television she appeared in her first steps, conducting his own band programs in the areas of Asia Minor, Islands, Peloponnisos, Cyprus, Macedonia, Thessaly and Skyros.
   He also presented his songs and Makriyannis Thourio Riga's first performance as Byzantine and five projects:
a) In the shadow of the Cross
b) The sinful woman in Byzantium
c) From Passion to contrition
d) Come and Receive Light
e) The sweetness of Angels.
Greek Music Concert
 With his musical band took part in many concerts in Greece and abroad. In the Thessaloniki International Fair Gold Medal was awarded in direct connection to the radio "because he joined the music of Hellenism from antiquity until today," as addressed by the President of this Report (1981). Also took part in concerts in France, Germany, Italy and Belgium.
Musical works
 Fellow of the publishing house "V.Rigopoulou" Thessaloniki, the anthology V.Nonis the Second Vespers of the volume of the anthology Th.Fokaeos Fund. Contributed to the reissue of the originals of his personal library of books "Collection IDIOMELO" Chourmouzios Bags, "Shepherd Flute" Kosmas Madytinou "Cherouvikarion" Al.Vyzantiou "Sticherarion" Constantine etc.
He has also written the following musical works remain unpublished:
Priest - Sticherarion of old masters
Praises Argosyntomes
Akathist Hymn
Sequence of Epitaph
Oktaicha Courses
The amaranth flowers (Folk songs)
Divine Liturgy
The Art of Sounds (psaltery)
Has set to music, likewise, the Liturgy of St. Nile Kryptoferris Italy, the sequence of "Axion Estin" to five sequences Mikragiannanitou Gerasimos.
From adolescence participated in the Vas.Nonis Sim.Kara discography, Domna Samiou, Carr. Doitsidi.
Issued the following discs and cassettes:
I ships with grip and instrumental music of Passion
II ships with a grip and instrumental music Resurrection
Songs of Arcadia and Greek virtuoso - N.Stefanidis, kanun
The hymn of Kassiani, P.Lampadariou
The Thourios Rigas (participation).



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